Directx 10 no es solo una versión más, es mucho mas que eso, pero exclusivo de windows vista.

¿Reales o maquetas?
Cuando vi esta imagen me quede pensando OBVIOO es una maqueta, pero chequen la noticia completa:

DELL incluirá procesadores AMD en sus portátiles y pcs de escritorio.

Juan pablo segundo fue asesinado, segun el diario la crónica.
Disculpen el humor negro del último link.



3 comentarios sobre “Notas rápidas.

  1. Microsoft seem to fool it users (again) just to sell another copy of vista. If you look at the original page at then it is very obvious that they just put a bad pic (they call it DX9) and a nicer pic (they call it DX10).

    Those 2 rendered backgrounds with the moutain and water is just another Microsoft trick to fool users into vista. DX9 can render it much better then that, but would it help to sell Vista better? nah, I dont think so. Just use lower rendering settings and call it DX9 🙂

    We know that Halo graphic sux and the comparison from halo head (DX9) and Crysis head (dx10) just shows that. If you look at ‘Halflifes 2 Episode One’ graphic (oh yeah, its DX9 !) you will see just as good as they write ‘only DX10’ can do. Sorry, but rubbish should go straight into the garbage.

    Don’t believe everything and everyone, even if it seems trustable. Don’t trust me either. Just take a look yourself and ‘sense it’.

    Good Day!


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